Ningbo Yinzhou Gold-Atom Lock co., LTD

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Ningbo Yinzhou Gold-Atom Lock co., LTD is located in Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, an international port city along the eastern coast of China, with convenient transportation and superior geographical position. Founded in 2004, our company specializes in production of accessories for Gold-Atom Lock, cleaning equipment and their accessories, various metal stamping parts, small metal machining parts as well as metal CNC lathe parts and other precision metal machining parts. At present, our factory has more than 100 employees.

Our company owns 50 CNC lathes, 20 precision meter lathes and other advanced production equipment including punch, lathe, bending machine, driller, electric welding machine, argon-arc welding machine, etc.. Equipped with 20 punches of various models whose punching forces range from 3 tons to 300 tons, our company realizes an annual output value of more than RMB 20,000,000.

From the initial common metal stamping parts to the present precision metal machining parts with density of 0.01mm, our metal processing, metal fabrication products cover a wide range of areas, such as locks, cleaning equipment, pipeline parts, electrical accessories and daily necessities.


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